Red Shopping Carts There are several different types of car paint sealant to choose from. You’ll notice the brass seal on the left (below) has a flatly carved out design – there is no taper or curved concavity. Wax is the standard option, cheap and easy, but there are a million glues, caulks, and other sealants that will do the trick. Sizing Up: Most plants are priced based on gallon size. Keep in mind that you are aiming to drip enough wax to fit the size of your seal. Beeswax, to be precise: the hard, shiny sticks sold as ‘sealing wax’ are shellac (produced by a beetle native to South East Asia) or an artificial substitute. I wasn’t giving up on my idea and since Michaels stores weren’t prevalent in Canada yet, I went to the library and found a book that said that letter wax was originally made with beeswax, and then eventually mineral pigments were added for colour.

Piper has worked up a series of aquatint prints of Brighton architecture for a limited edition book by Duckworth. I hit on the hand holding a sword and I really liked that design so I developed that further as you can see in this series of pictures. Second, you can put the words “Hand Cancel” on the envelope and hand it to a human being at the post office. Back in the day when we had a house full of children and Christmas was, if not richer than now, filled more with things hand made, we sealed our hand made Christmas cards with wax. Imagine how special your friends will feel when they receive a hand sealed envelope in the mail from yours truly! The inner disfraz halloween bebe envelope typically has just the guests’ names and serves as an added layer of protection while your beautiful invitations are at the mercy of the postal service. Nevertheless if your skin is delicate or irritated it can cause a small burn, so be careful while melting sealing wax in a flame and applying it on a paper.

A beautiful variety (“aventurin”), which can be prepared at comparatively low cost, is obtained by stirring finely powdered mica into the melted ground mass. Gold and silver waxes are obtained by mixing finely powdered leaf-metal with the melted ground mass. When I’m pouring wax from a spoon I often use the tip of the spoon to just do one gentle swirl – mixing is less important here because all the wax has been melted evenly at once. You can see here that I am working on two colors of the sealing wax at the same time. Nikki shares her wax seal stamp tutorial with us here. This you can get it in a craft store, which are pre-made, or you can make your own stamp. It can be used in wood stains, stove polishes, as pine oil, and in sealing wax. This is a great type of wax to use if you’re sealing multiple envelopes. Depending on the type of wax that you choose, you can either use a wax sealing spoon or a glue gun. You can either choose to use a wax sealing spoon or a glue gun. Then insert the new color and squeeze the trigger to push the glue out until it dispenses only sealing wax.

Simply insert the sealing wax tube into a large glue gun. Also, to avoid any mess, take a plate to keep your glue gun or melting spoon. Some format of wax cannot be used with glue gun, and some cannot be melted with the wax seal spoon. Put two wax cubes in per stamp but don’t use all the wax in the spoon. Then fill the spoon with wax (beads work perfectly) and rest on top of the burner. Next, fill in the circle and blow out the wax stick. Light the wax, tilt the stick at an angle, and let the wax drip where you want your seal. Remove the stick and press the seal directly on top of the wax for a few seconds. Press the seal directly on top of the wax for a few seconds. Lastly, before you start making your wax seals, give this video a quick watch, and practice a few times.

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